This color catalog includes mixed media paintings and cyanotype drawings from Terri’s body of work called “Germination”. 26 pages, 7”x7”, 2015. 
Available for $15.95

Portfolio of Cyanotypes
A 20 page color catalog, presenting a portfolio of Terri’s cyanotypes. 7”x7”, 2012. 
Available for $12.95

Connecting the Dots
Artwork by Terri Dilling created as a visiting artist at the Center for Chemical Evolution in Atlanta. Includes new paintings and prints by Terri, plus collaboration with Leisa Rich and the "Primordial Soup" printmaking portfolio with 15 hand-pulled prints by 15 different artists from around the country. 7”x7”, 2012. Available for $17.95

Mixed Media Paintings and Prints
A 40 page color catalog of mixed media works by Terri Dilling, inspired by nature and science. 7”x7”, 2010. 
Available for $17.95