Colorcast, 2013

COLORCAST is a time-lapse animation that takes its name from the old television term for broadcasting in color. The video is a glimpse into Terri Dilling's creative process and a visual exploration of the color spectrum. It was created using a custom camera stand to capture over 960 still shots a painting as it progressed. (An actual painting, not digital). There is no finished painting because it keeps getting covered over, so emphasis is on the act of painting and the evolution of imagery. 

COLORCAST premiered at Couture Galleri in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013.  It was also shown as an outdoor projection from Digital Graffiti Festival at Alys Beach, Florida, in 2014.

Video courtesy Chantelle Rytter.  Alice, a 25ft alligator, follows a small paddle boat around Lake Marilyn as a playful illustration of our absurd fears."Magical Anxiety" was created by Chantelle Rytter and paddled by Scott Peterson. The projection behind is "Colorcast" by Terri Dilling.