Terri is one of six Atlanta artists who collaborated to create a sculpture called RECURRENCE. It was shown on the Atlanta BeltLine in the summer of 2010. The site included a garden installation to echo the colors and movement of the piece. Sadly, the work was vandalized and burned while on the BeltLine. Before that, the sculpture was shown in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2009. 

The sculpture consisted of pieced fabric panels that were suspended between a series of six steel pillars representing the six artists within the collaborative. The artists chose a palette of blues, greens and whites to represent the natural forces of wind and water, and sewed the fabric in wave shapes to signify energy and abundance.  This project draws on the history of quilting as a communal activity, re-using old fabrics to create something new. From a distance, a viewer could see the overall spiral shape of the sculpture and the color shift from light to dark.  Up close, one could see details in both the metal and the multitude of small fabric pieces, each one with a unique history that contributed to the whole. The collaborating artists: Terri Dilling, Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Susan Ker-Seymer, Amandine Drouet, Susan Cipcic and Ann Rowles. (Previous contributions by Mary McCarthy and Alison Weldon.)